• Restaurant


First of all, you have to check if your restaurant already exists as a listing in The Greek Eateries.

  1. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to:
  • Choose one of the available plans
  • Upload your content, submit your listing and pay for the chosen plan
  • Once we receive your payment, your listing will get published and you will receive the related invoice.


  1. If it does, then you’ll need to:
  • Join The Greek Eateries
  • Claim the existing listing
  • Once we approve your claim, you will need to select ‘Change Plan’ and pay for the chosen plan
  • Once we receive your payment, your listing will remain published and you will receive the related invoice.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to Change Plan (and proceed to checkout) within 2 days after your claim has been approved.

In order to help users all over the world, The Greek Eateries team submits new listings with basic info on a regular basis.

It is up to business owners to claim, manage and further promote these listings by adding more content and functionality (including photos, videos, opening hours, offers, bookings and more).

Yes, we can!

Just send us an email at thegreekeateries@gmail.com with:

  1. the subscription plan that best suits your needs
  2. all the related business info & content associated with the aforementioned plan.


We will then send you an email with the payment details and once we confirm your payment, we will set up your business page for you.

Yes, you can!

Once you have paid your subscription and claimed your listing, you will be able to update your page with any related content (info, photos, etc), including your daily specials and offers (through your FAQ section).

The Claim Now button that appears on a business listing page allows a user to establish the ownership by verifying with The Greek Eateries admins.

Once successfully claimed, a business listing gets a Claimed badge.

Then only, a business owner can update their business profile, respond to customer reviews, run ad campaigns to promote, receive new leads, etc.

Every business owner needs to go through this claim process to avoid competition abuse someone else business listing.

Once the verification is completed, the dashboard is upgraded from basic visitor dashboard to business owner dashboard.

At the time, Resurva and Timekit (two of the most popular online booking systems in the world) are both supported. Once the business owner creates his/her account and selects the desired plan at the respective official website (https://resurva.com/ or/and https://www.timekit.io/), he/she will be able to enable and integrate one or both systems in The Greek Eateries through their own dashboard.

There are 4 different types of users that can interact with The Greek Eateries:

  • The website admins (that’s us).
  • The business listing owners who can Add, Manage and Promote their listings, once they select a plan and join.
  • The members who can Review and Save their favorite listings, once they join.
  • The visitors who can Search and Filter all the listings.

At the time, there are 3 different payment options you can choose from and pay for your subscription plan:

  • PayPal
  • 2Checkout (coming very soon)
  • Wire Transfer (coming very soon)